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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Capricho Aragones Bottles

An oil which uses the traditional variety of olive Empeltre and which is complimented by Arbequina and Royal olives, which are grown in the Region of Belchite in the middle valley of the river Ebro.

This type of olive, its vintage and surroundings, the high quality of the soil and its climate bring the unique and singular  characteristics to this virgin olive oil. The olives are harvested at the perfect moment of ripeness  and pressed in our olive oil mill in belchite using modern and up to date methods.

The oils are then cold pressed. They are spun-dry without any type of additives and are conserved in stainless steel deposits (using inert  nitrogen). The  final result is a well balanced oil which is completely natural. It has a greeny yellow colour and an aroma with subtle notes of fruit, it is very sweet with flavours  of almond and apple.

In the palate it is silky and full bodied with tones of fresh  fruit  and a slightly spicy touch but with no bitter aftertaste.

This is certainly an exceptionally high quality oil, with organoleptic qualities which  today’s  consumers  demand.

Formats: 1 litre 2 litre 5 litre

Special Formats (design bottle): 500 ml 250 ml 50 ml

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