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Jaime Olive Oil Mill

The Jaime Oil Mill is one of those companies with the stamp of traditional flavour and quality, registered Denominación de origen of Aragon and  located in the municipality of Belchite, we combine the inherited wisdom of master olive oil producers and  precision that the most modern and innovative machinery can provide.

The mill uses olives, mostly the Empeltre variety but also others such as Royal and Arbequina, harvested at the optimum moment of ripeness and milled using current  modern techniques.
The origins of the mill date back to 1879, and during all these years we have worked to develop the olive oil so that we  produce a top quality product, and at the same time we seek recognition for the efforts and dedication of  previous generations.

The Jaime Oil  Mill has managed to combine both quantity and quality as you can see by the recognition  and awards we have gained

Denominación de origen 'Oil from Bajo Aragon "

D.O. Aceite del Bajo AragónLogo D.O. ProtegidaThe Jaime Oil Mill is registered under the Denominación de origin "Oils from Bajo Aragón ', and makes its olive oil with the traditional variety Empeltre and complements these with Alberquina and Royal varieties, from the local fields of  Belchite (Zaragoza), in the middle valley of the river Ebro.


Premios a la calidadThe Jaime Oil Mill  received in 2005, 2008.2009 and 2011 the Award for Quality bestowed by  the Denominación de origen 'Oils from Bajo Aragon ". Moreover, in 2007 and in 2010  we won first prize for 'Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Bajo Aragon ".

This recognition has been officially granted by the Denominación de origen representative from the Diputación General de Aragón (The Local Government)
Recently the company has been recognized as an Empresa Centenaria by the Chamber of Commerce. This is an award to recognise the effort, commitment and innovation of a company down through the generations.


Detalle de lona anunciadoraAlmazara de Jaime participated in various trade fairs including FHC 2007 and Sial China 2007, held in Shangai.

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