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CAPRICHO ARAGONÉS Virgin Extra Olive Oil 100% Arbequina


Extra virgin olive oil from the single Arbequina variety  from the local  fields of Belchite (Zaragoza) in the Middle Valley of the river Ebro.

The olives which make up this oil have been collected at the optimum moment for maturity (before winter)and milled in the Jaime Oil Mill which is a family property located in Belchite through natural yet modern techniques.

The oils are cold-pressed, spun without additives and stored in stainless steel tanks rendered inert, thus avoiding its natural oxidation. The result is a balanced consistent oil, witha greenish yellow colour, with sensory attributes and flavour: sweet and soft, its aroma is characterized predominantly by fruits: banana, apple, kiwi, dried fruits, with a light and pleasant spiciness and bitterness.

This oil is ideal for haute cuisine, to enhance all kinds of fish, foie gras, cream cheeses and flavored salad dressings


Formats: 1 litre 2 litre 5 litre

Special Formats (design bottle): 500 ml 250 ml 50 ml

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